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COVID-19 & Refugees: situations updates - 11th April: 1PM GMT

New developments in:

  •  BANGLADESH - 0 no refugee case yet - complete lockdown of refugee camp of 800,000+ people. Internet is back.
  •  FRANCE - 2 Coronavirus cases in Calais - the virus is said to be spreading to more.
  •  GERMANY - more refugee cases - quarantines in 2 Berlin centres.
  •  GREECE - 26 Cases in refugee camps - quarantines imposed &...
  •  EU COUNTRIES - taking in some children refugees. Luxembourg will take 12 and Germany 50 next week
  •  ITALY - several cases in Milan & Rome - refuses disembarking migrants at sea / Quarantine in Rome for one centre / ARCI launched an online information platform & map for refugees
  •  KENYA - 0 no refugee case yet - some politicians are spreading rumours of infection.
  •  LEBANON - 0 no refugee case reported officially according to UNHCR though conflicting information online - discriminations against Syrian refugees & tensions between Syrians and Lebanese have emerged.
  •  MALAYSIA - 0 no refugee case yet - since lockdown, not one displaced person arrested because of their status / Loss of livelihoods & unable to pay rent / 250 Rohingya refugees arrived by boat, quarantined.
  •  PALESTINE - 263 cases and 1 death -  EU assistance package of around €71 million
  •  PHILIPPINES - 0 no refugee case yet - Medical professionals bared from going overseas / one person shot because breaching the lockdown / Tuberculosis campaign delayed.
  •  UGANDA - 0 no refugee case yet - Aid workers and UNHCR is preparing Ebola responses centres to deal with a future outbreak.
  •  VENEZUELA - 0 no refugee case yet - tiny number of exiled coming back
  •  YEMEN - 0 no refugee case yet - Cease fire declared / first case confirmed (a Yemeni national)

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