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    Open roles

    Product Manager

    • The overall direction of the product 
    • Build the next version of the product that we can benefit our end users

    UI/UX Expert

    • Conduct user research with potential users of the tool.
    • Run workshops to understand what it is that we are trying to build.
    • Develop assets that can be used in the web app/website.

    Python Developer

    • Dash/Flask/MS Azure. 
    • Maintain the dash app and further improve its performance. 
    • Azure maintenance and scaling.

    Frontend Developer


    • Beautify the existing dash (plotly) app.
    • Develop assets that can be used in the web app for better readability. 
    • Data visualisation and storytelling. 
    • Website integrations. 


    • Search for and apply for grants. 
    • Collaborate with external stakeholders. 
    • Coordinate commercial proposals. 

    NGO Engagements

    • Build partnerships with NGOs. 
    • Coordinate our current NGO engagement. 

    Web Developer

    • Redesign or develop a new version of this website. 
    • Move our website to a free web platform, e.g. WordPress, Github pages, etc. 
  • For partners

    Why support our project?


    The ultimate goal is to help NGOs prepare the outbreak and design the optimal intervention strategy before the virus seeps into camps. This way the rate of spread and the number of fatalities can be much lower. At the moment we are working the NGOs in Moria camp in Greece and an IDP camp in Iraq. They think it would be useful not only to design interventions within camps, but also forecasting the demand for essential supplies and medical services in preparation for the outbreak. This way they can mobilise action and coordinate efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

    What's next for this project?

    • We are trying to reach global humanitarian organisations and camp authorities to give them our tool to help design the optimal intervention strategy. 
    • We are trying to apply different modeling approaches (agent-based, SEIR and network) to simulate a refugee camp environment as accurately as possible and compare their results to identify the potential impact of COVID-19 in a particular camp. 
    • We are conducting user research to make our tool more useful and usable for the charities and NGOs responding to the crisis on the ground. 
    • We are trying to validate our simulation approaches and parameters with various research groups and epidemiology authorities. 
    • We are trying to use satellite imagery to map the layout of camps to quickly scale and replicate our models across multiple regions of the world. 

    What support do we need from partners?

    • We are looking to partner with NGOs and local grassroots organisations. 
    • We are looking to make contact with relevant decision-makers on a country level and in UNHCR, MSF, IRC, etc.
    • We are looking to collaborate with medical research groups to validate our model assumptions. 

    What support do we need from volunteers?

    • Product management.
    • Web design and development.
    • Epidemiology and statistical modelling. 
    • Volunteer engagement. 
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