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    June 16, 2020
    As societies around the world react to the COVID-19 pandemic, vulnerable communities including displaced people living in crowded camps and slum-dwellers are more at risk. Conditions like overcrowding and poor sanitation make social distancing and other measures to ward off the virus impossible...
    May 14, 2020 · Crisis Modelling,Humanitarian Aid
    As of spring 2020, there are about 70 million displaced people worldwide, more than 6.6 million of whom live in camps. While some of these camps offer dignified conditions, all too many are overcrowded and lacking in sanitation. Inhabitants might share a water tap with thousands of other people....
    New developments in: BANGLADESH - 0 no refugee case yet - complete lockdown of refugee camp of 800,000+ people. Internet is back. FRANCE - 2 Coronavirus cases in Calais - the virus is said to be spreading to more. GERMANY - more refugee cases - quarantines in 2 Berlin centres. GREECE - 26 Cases...
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